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Twenty-three year-old, mother of 2 kids, Korryn Gaines was pronounced dead on Aug. 1, after being shot by Balitimore police in her Randallstown, Maryland apartment. Korryn had reportedly hold herself up in her home refusing police entry. The reason the police were there in the first place is still sketchy. Initially, it was reported that [...]

  According to NBC New York 4, Wyckoff, New Jersey police chief Benjamin Fox, was demoted from his police chief position to patrolman and will be suspended for a 180-day period. This comes after internal emails dating back to  2014 revealed racist policing tactics promoted by Fox. Benjamin Fox was found to have instructed his officers to racially […]

Massachusetts police officers are protesting a mayor’s refusal to remove a Black Lives Matter banner currently hanging over city hall. Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has declined repeated requests by the city police officers’ union to replace the banner with one that reads “All Lives Matter.” The banner has been up for nearly a year. The officer’s […]

On April 28, 1973, a 10 year-old was executed on a street in South Jamaica, Queens. His name was Clifford Glover. He was walking with his step-father, when a car pulled up and out jumped 2 men with guns. Clifford and his father tried to run, fearing they were going to be robbed, but one of the gunmen fired. Before firing the fatal shot that would strike […]

Today when we hear the word boycott, we think a catchy hash tag and a few days of changing our spending habits will bring about immediate change. But if we rewind back to the 1950’s, our people showed us the way for a boycott to be truly effective. The ground work for a mass boycott started […]

In a recent study of police involved killings, 100% of the citizens killed by the police in the following 14 cities were Black. These cities are: St. Louis, MO; Atlanta, GA; Kansas City, MO; Cleveland, OH; Baltimore, MD; Virginia Beach, VA; Boston, MA; Washington, DC; Minneapolis, MN; Raleigh, NC; Milwaukee, WI; Detroit, MI; Philadelphia, PA; and […]

This is becoming a trend and its a wonderful thing! For the third time in 3 days we are reporting on a Black Owned bank seeing high increases in new account sign ups. This time it’s M&F Bank in North Carolina. According to Newsroom Buzz, Jasmine Parker of M&F Bank said in the past five days, […]

The new accounts department at Houston’s Unity National Bank has been very busy the last couple of days. The Black Owned Bank has seen a sudden influx of new customers over the last few days; signing up hundreds of new accounts in 72 hours. Bank representatives believe the sudden increase in new accounts came in […]

In light of the recent high profile murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, and the long list of Blacks who have been profiled, harassed and/or murdered by police, Black people have taken to social media and the streets demanding change. Boycotts of major corporations are being initiated and a movement to support Black owned businesses and banks […]

Black Owned farms and grocery stores are closing around this country at an alarming rate. We have to make a better effort to support the remaining few and build new ones. Please check this list for Black Owned farms and grocery stores in your area and start supporting, if you aren't already. Any Black Owned farms [...]

Georgia Patchwork City Farms Location: Atlanta, GA Website: Patchwork City Farms Facebook   Patchwork City Farms (PCF) is a family owned urban farm located in the South West of Atlanta in the Historic West End Neighborhood. Patchwork City Farm's (PCF) mission is to work with local landholders, public and private, to create a sustainable, naturally grown local [...]

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