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12-Year Old Girl Says Three Male Classmates Held Her Down And Cut Her Dreadlocks Off

Update: Girl admits to lying about sixth grade classmates cutting off her dreadlocks

12-year old, Amari Allen says she has been left traumatized after three male classmates held her down and cut her dreadlocks while calling them “nappy” and “ugly.”

The incident occured on Monday in the playground of Immanuel Christian School in Fairfax, Virgina. 

Amari told WUSA9 that one the boys covered mouth and another held her hands behind her back while the third boy cut her dread locks with scissors all while calling her names.

In an interview with WUSA9, the soft spoken preteen described what happened to her. 

“They kept laughing and calling me names,” Amari said, as tears poured down her face. “They called me ‘ugly,’ said, ‘I shouldn’t have been born.’ They called me ‘an attention-seeker.'”

“They ran off laughing, and I was just sitting there,” Amari said.

Amari didn’t tell her family what happened two days after the incident when her grandmother noticed a difference in the length of her hair.

“It’s very painful,” Amari’s grandmother, Cynthia Allen, said. “I want to see them dismissed from the school. I want to see something done.”

It’s not clear where the teachers were during the traumatizing incident that Amari said went on for about five minutes.

Immanuel Christian School is a private school that Amari’s parents pay close to $12,000 a year for her to attend.

The school has a strict no bullying policy according to the school’s parent-student handbook:

“ICS holds to four fundamental guidelines for social interaction among students. All ICS students are encouraged and expected to:

  1. Never leave anyone out by deliberately excluding them from the group.
  2. Never harm others intentionally with words or actions.
  3. Never tolerate bullying by ignoring it or allowing it to continue.
  4. Always report bullying to the classroom teacher. 

Accordingly, we define bullying as: The deliberate use of power to dominate, intimidate and harm another person physically and/or emotionally over an extended period of time with no significant provocation or justification.”

Immanuel Christian School released a comment about the investigation, which reads:

“We take seriously the emotional and physical well-being of all our students, and have a zero-tolerance policy for any kind of bullying or abuse. We are deeply disturbed by the allegations being made, and are in communication with the family of the alleged victim to gather information and provide whatever support we can. We have also reached out to law enforcement to ask them to conduct a thorough investigation, and further inquiries should be directed to the Fairfax County Police.”

According to Amari, this is not the first time she has been bullied by these boys. She alleges they take her lunch and call her names. 

Amari and her family met with school officials Thursday morning to address the matter. It’s unclear what consequences, if any, would be passed down to Amari’s alleged attackers.

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rommel gainer September 27, 2019 at 12:02 pm

They bad behinds got eyes. Teach your child to poke em. That crap will stop quick.

TJ September 30, 2019 at 8:23 pm

She lied.

12-Year Old Girl Says Three Male Classmates Held Her Down And Cut Her Dreadlocks Off | Lokol Buzz October 2, 2019 at 11:21 am

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Rebecca Gomez October 2, 2019 at 12:16 pm

I would be getting an attorney to file a lawsuit against the private school, for which parents paid under the impression, their daughter was in a safe school and would not be under the danger of a racial target as apparently, appears to be the case.
The private school is responsible for the emotional pain and damage to a minor who against her will and without her consent, was physically assaulted and restricted from her freedom while a crime was committed in which racial slurs were stated.
I am shocked! that anybody would do this to any student in any school and hope that the ultimate punishment is assessed against those criminals, who knowingly and intentionally assaulted this minor student while depriving her of her Constitutional freedom to wear her hair as she pleases. The question still remains, were the attackers white,? Not that it makes a difference in the level of this hate crime committed, in the skin color of the attackers who would dare to do this, but still matters.

Adrienne Lawley October 4, 2019 at 1:05 pm

The girl Retracted her Lie, she lied, but make her a hero by all means


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