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15 Amazing Black Owned Handbag Companies To Support

Samantha White, Founder Anansi
Samantha White, Founder Anansi


Anansi, is a luxury handbag line founded by Samantha White.  Her vision was to bring African-inspired luxury leather handbags to chic woman who yearn for color and print.

The name Anansi originated in Ghana, West Africa, where oral stories of wisdom were widely told.   These tales were represented by a clever spider named Anansi who spread the stories across the Caribbean, South America, and North America. Much like the Anansi stories, Samantha has drawn inspiration for her handbag line, from her varied heritage and travels—born to Jamaican parents, raised in Canada, and now splitting her time between Ghana and the UK, her life is a mixture of many places of the African diaspora. (More Info)

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