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15 Amazing Black Owned Handbag Companies To Support

Alexandria. W. Alli, Founder F7W Style
Alexandria W. Alli, Founder F7W Style

F&W Style:

Alexandria Alli started her passion for fashion at age ten, when she persuaded her mother to let her assist her at her fashion design studio everyday after school. At that young age, Alexandria learned a lot about design and running a fashion business.  At the age of thirteen, her family moved from Nigeria to Atlanta, Georgia and she started her modeling career. She modeled for major companies throughout the South. As her modeling career advanced, she fell in love with the beauty and glamour of the industry, she fell in love with the classic charm, and she fell in love with the well crafted luxurious items, specifically handbags that she got to wear as a model. But she soon realized that most women including herself could not afford the luxurious accessories and clothing that she modeled in magazines and on the runway. (More Info)

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