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Love, Cortnie, Founder Love, Cortnie
Love, Cortnie, Founder Love, Cortnie

Love Cortnie:

It all started during the Summer of 2011. I had always wanted to learn how to sew, but never made the time to actually learn. That August I was in between jobs, and well, finally had the time. My grandmother is super handy around the house. Upholstering furniture, drapery, clothing, you name it, she could do it. So it was very important to me that I learn from her.

I was playing around on the sewing machine with some scrap fabric she had when I brought up the idea of making a clutch. Originally, I loved oversized bags. At the time, clutches weren’t a major accessory. I could think of the kind of clutch I would want to own, but could never actually find one in stores. I wanted a clutch that was unique, large in size and lined with something fun. Statement making to be exact. Well my grandmother was more than happy to teach me. She even took me to a local fabric store where I picked out some fabrics, printed linings and matching zippers. It took me over 3 hours to make my very first clutch. It was definitely a learning process, but I enjoyed it. (More Info)

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