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Video: 15 Chicago men exonerated due to police misconduct

The convictions of 15 Chicago area men who say they were framed years ago by a police sergeant  have been dismissed. The officer accused of framing the men, Sergeant Ronald Watts, has since been sentenced to prison for a related crime.

The men, who had a total of 18 convictions between them, all had their exonerations approved and charges dropped by the prosecutor however, the men have already served their sentences for the crimes in question.

The framed men claimed they were set up by Watts and his team when the cops planted drugs on them during arrests ranging between 2003 and 2008. Police reports were falsified as well which led to their convictions.

“In these cases, we concluded, unfortunately, the police were not being truthful, and we couldn’t have confidence in the integrity of their reports and their testimony, and so, in good conscience, we could not see these convictions stand,” Mark Rotert of the Cook County Conviction Integrity Unit said in a press conference.

Additionally, seven other police officers, who worked under Sergeant Watts, have been put on desk duty while they undergo an internal review.



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