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15-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot by Customs Agent

15-year-old Darius Smith,was fatally shot by an off-duty U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent Friday night. The shooting occured in Arcadia, Calif., and the victims family is disputing the official narrative and demanding justice.

According to the agent responsible for the shooting, Darius and two other 14-year-old boys attempted to rob him at gunpoint. According a report from CBS Los Angeles, the agent claims that he was forced to shoot the teens in self-defense.

Darius was hospitalized but died the following morning from his injuries. The other boys involved in the shooting did not suffer from life-threatening injuries. The border agent was allegedly bruised but did not require hospitalization.

According to, the other two teens may still face robbery charges.

Reshawna Myricks, Darius Smith’s mother, doesnt believe the official narrative and insists that the teens would not have tried to rob anyone.

“Them boys didn’t do that,” Myricks told KCAL9. “They aren’t those type of boys to do that.”

“[They’re] going to walk home; they’re going to see their kids tonight,” Myricks said of the border agent and law-enforcement officers claiming that her son committed a crime. “I got to go back and tell my other three that one of them ain’t coming back no more.

“First they said there was no crime committed,” Myricks continued. “Now there is a crime committed. Now it’s a gun; then they said there was a fight. I don’t know what to believe. All I know is my baby [is] gone and I’ll never know his story.”

The family’s attorney, Lee Merritt, says that after reviewing the case and speaking with the boys who survived the shooting, and an eyewitness who has not come forward publicly, he is sure that Darius was executed.

“Despite multiple shots from the killer, not one shot was fired from the gun allegedly carried by these boys (the reports are a toy gun was found near the scene),” Merritt wrote in a Facebook post. “While he was emptying his clip they appeared to be running for their lives.”

Darius Smith, Jayson Negron and Jordan Edwards, all 15 years old, are the youngest victims of fatal police violence this year.

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