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UPDATED: 16-Year-Old Jayda Johnson Has Been Missing Since December 9, 2021

UPDATED AT December 27, 2021:

The mother of missing Anderson teenager Jayda Johnson posted on Facebook Sunday that her daughter has been found in California.

The post by Kristen Johnson said her daughter is safe with a police department and that she is flying to California to bring her daughter back to Anderson.

Caleb McKnight, public information officer for the Anderson Police Department, said Monday that Jayda Johnson sent a message to her mother that she was okay and had lost her telephone.

The message from Jayda Johnson indicated she was in Santa Monica, McKnight said.

“We contacted the Santa Monica police department that located her,” he said.

McKnight said Jayda Johnson is with the California Department of Child Services and was examined at a hospital.


Jayda Johnson, 16
Anderson, IN
Last seen December 9, 2021

Anderson police are asking the public’s help finding a 16-year-old girl last seen in her home two weeks ago.  

Jayda Johnson was reported missing after her mother told police the teen left their home in the 300 block of East 36th Street on Dec. 9. Police pinged Johnson’s cellphone, which showed a location near St. Louis, Missouri.  

Police provided the two locations of the cellphone pings to law enforcement agencies in Missouri, but Johnson was not found.  

Anderson police said Johnson’s mother is concerned about the teen’s safety because of personal issues Jayda was experiencing. Police did not elaborate on those issues or why they are a cause for concern.

Police are asking anyone with information about Johnson’s whereabouts to contact Sgt. Wiliam Ray of the Anderson Police Department at (765) 648-6663.

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