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26-Year-Old Kierra Coles Has Been Missing Since Oct. 2, 2018

Kierra Coles, 26
Chicago’s South Side
Last seen October 2, 2018

As of Friday, it has been two years since the mysterious disappearance of Kierra Coles, a 26-year-old, pregnant, postal worker who vanished from her Chicago neighborhood without a trace.

With still no information as to her whereabouts, Coles’ case has been classified as “a high-risk missing person investigation with potential foul play suspected” by the Chicago police department.

Cole’s family says she was about 3 months pregnant when she vanished on Chicago’s South Side.

She was last seen on surveillance video near 81st and Vernon close to where her apartment is located. She did not report to work that day and her car remains parked where she left it with her phone and a packed lunch still inside.

Kierra’s mother, Karen Phillips, said she has no idea what happened to her daughter and is “begging for anybody to come forward” with information.

“That’s a big thing that I struggle with every day. What really happened? I don’t know if she’s being tortured or if she’s safe or what,” Phillips told ABC News last week. “Sometimes I just have to completely put it out of my mind because it’ll wreck you.”

Her mind also drifts to thoughts of the grandchild her daughter was carrying.

“He or she will almost be 2. And not knowing if she’s out there, the baby’s out there, if they’re together — it’s hurting,” she said.

Philips says she feels like the police have “put it [the case] to the side because they’re frustrated with it.”

“It’s already frustrating that it’s gonna be two years, and for y’all [the Chicago Police Department] to say y’all don’t have enough to go on, it’s really disappointing,” she said.

Chicago police spokeswoman Sally Bown said Coles’ case is currently considered suspended.

“Suspended means the case cannot be continued further at this time,” Bown told ABC News. “There are many possibilities such as having exhausted all the available evidence. A suspended case can always be re-opened if more evidence becomes available.”

The United States Postal Inspection Service is involved in the investigation because Coles was a postal worker. According to the USPIS, their Chicago Division Postal Inspectors are continuing to investigate the whereabouts of Coles. They ask that any one who may have information that can help locate her to contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 and say ‘Law Enforcement.’ They are offering a reward of up to $25,000 for valid information.

For Coles’ mother, as each day passes, she’s “looking for leads, just hoping somebody will come forward.”

“Somebody knows something other than the person that did whatever happened,” she said. “For you to just sit there and not say nothing … I just wish somebody would have a heart to say, ‘I’m gonna give this family some justice.'”

“Any small lead can lead to what really happened,” Phillips said. “That’s all I’m really praying for.”

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