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29 Black-Owned Liquor Brands to Support

With the sudden and drastic impact of the Coronavirus, Black businesses need support now more than ever. According to a report from the New York Fed, nearly half of Black small businesses had been wiped out by the end of April as the pandemic ravaged minority communities disproportionately. Let’s do our best to support Black Businesses as often as we can!


44 Degrees North Vodka

About: 44° North® Vodka utilizes Idaho’s great agricultural wealth to produce the purest vodka possible. To achieve a smooth and distinctive taste we distill directly from 100% Idaho® potatoes or Brundage Winter Wheat blended with Rocky Mountain Spring Water. To naturally infuse our flavored varieties, we use only all-natural Idaho Mountain Huckleberries, Rainier Cherries, and Sunnyslope Nectarines.

Adaka Vodka

About: Founded in 2016, ADAKA is the epitome of cultural cohesion in the modern day. ADAKA is the perfect addition to any lavish lifestyle. Produced in Europe, ADAKA vodka incorporates spices and flavors inspired by Africa; uniting two distinct Cultures together.

Black Momma Vodka

About: Black Momma Vodka was developed and created by Vanessa Braxton. Black Momma Vodka is a Superior Vodka. It’s Flagship Vodka is 80 proof. It’s Distilled 5 times and Filtered 5 times from corn for its signature smooth taste. It’s distilled through Crushed Diamond Lava Rocks and fused with Cascade Mountain Spring Water from Oregon.

Blackleaf Organic Vodka

About: Blackleaf Organic Vodka is the creation of Washington, DC resident Kevin Larkai, who met Bertrand Laclie while vacationing in Cognac. Kevin and Bertrand bonded over a shared passion for the creation of premium consumer experiences. We decided to make an organic and environment-friendly spirit through the lens of style and elegance, which birthed the PREMIUM + ORGANIC theme.

Bleu Vodka

Alizabeth Jetter Owner Bleu Vodka

Bomade Vodka

About: Bomade Vodka is a fresh lemon-infused vodka originally handcrafted in the kitchen of then-newlyweds, Jermaine and Kei, in Atlanta. When the couple couldn’t find a flavored vodka with a smooth, fruit taste — they created it.

FLOH Vodka

About: Jacques Evans, CEO, and Founder of the FLOH brand set out to fulfill a niche in the adult beverage industry.  By a combination of superior taste, quality, and luxury- from preparation to presentation- FLOH is changing the way people see vodka.  Evans believes that everyone deserves a chance to celebrate life in opulence.  


About: As a burgeoning vodka entrepreneur, Chanel Turner has reached unparalleled heights within the male-dominated Spirit industry. In 2009, at the age of 25yrs, Chanel founded FOU-DRÉ VODKA by her own direct investment, an endeavor that would soon lead to many firsts for the up-and-coming vodka proprietor. Not only is Chanel the youngest woman to own her own spirit but she is the first African American woman to own and operate a Vodka brand.

Harlem Haberdashery


About: IslandJon was founded by Levi John, a true islander with a musical soul and a dream sparkling in his eyes. He teamed up with his son, Kevin John, and together, a vodka unlike any other found in the islands was born. IslandJon encompasses 70 years of Caribbean living, decades of world travel, and life on the stage. Most of all, it evokes a passion for the good life: a taste of tranquility with an encouraging flavor-filled note, compelling you to move and groove to the beat of your own drum.

Lamda Vodka

About: LV creators, Charles Hughes and Richard Solomon met through a mutual friend in 2010.  The two have been inseparable since. They spend most of their business and personal time working together for the same organization from open to close (one in finance and the other in I.T.), and the evening hours of their days are spent promoting Lambda Vodka. In December 2016, they decided to wed with only inviting two guests to their small ceremony, which was Charles’ mother and Richard’s mother. Once arriving home from a life-changing moment, they will cherish forever, their very first case of Lambda Vodka was on the newlywed’s doorstep!


About: Set out with a strong desire to create and innovate within the beverage space. During the summer of 2014, in a loft in downtown LA, loft&bear artisanal vodka was born, hence the name, loft&bear. PAUL RYAN ELLIOTT continues to work toward fulfilling long-term sustainable success and having an impact within the business space.

Look Vodka

About: Look Vodka was founded by Carmelita Hilliard in 2018. Born in Washington D.C, Carmelita knew from a young age that she wanted to own her own business. The idea for Look Vodka was conceived by Carmelita in 2011. While working for a national wine & spirits company, Carmelita recognized a market gap in the representation of minority women suppliers in the alcohol industry, as well as the lack of a brand that appealed to minority women as consumers. From that point on, she decided to devote herself to the idea of creating a brand and movement to bridge the market gap locally.

Miru Vodka

About: Chaunci King, founded Royalty Spirits in 2013 in the heart of Portland Oregon, debuting Miru 80 Proof Pear Vodka. Miru Vodka is made deep within the mountains of Oregon and purified in one of the finest distilleries in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to produce products of rich taste, high quality and longevity. Miru identifies as a luxury vodka.

Myles Select Vodka

About: Pamela Myles is the CEO of Myles Select Ultra Premium Vodka and has been a long time vodka enthusiast. Her background includes over 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field with roles that included Technical Manager, Project Manager and a Business Analyst for a multi-million dollar revenue generating corporation.


Redd Rose Vodka

About: The “Redd Rose” Brand is bigger than what it may appear to be. With Redd Rose, we Celebrate women – ALL women. The hardworking, resilient, strong, adventurous, brilliant, confident remarkable and ALL-American women. Crafting Redd Rose so that you can have a moment to enjoy a Vodka over ice and not needing a chaser or mixer.


Toast Vodka

About: The founder of Toast Vodka, entrepreneur, and restauranteur  Dieuveny “DJ” Louis, recognized that vodka in the U.S is a spirit that is predominantly consumed as a cocktail mixer, almost devaluing the quality and craftsmanship of the product. That was the key factor that lead him on a four year mission to create the world’s best and tastiest vodka. A research and development journey led to Toast Vodka. Enjoyed neat, chilled, in basic cocktails or craft cocktails, it provides an experience that is truly unique.


Victor George Vodka

About: Victor George Vodka was founded by Victor G. Harvey, a Fort Lauderdale businessman with international ties around the world. As the creator of the ultra-premium vodka bearing his first and middle name Mr Harvey not only created a new and refined ultra-premium luxury brand, but also helped to shape a way of life now enjoyed by celebrities and the social elite around the world. As one of the, if not the only, African American owned and managed liquor companies in the world, Victor George is well-positioned to be the preferred choice ultra-premium vodka of the affluent urban and millennial consumer.


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