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29-Yr-Old Black Woman Found Dead After Date With White Man; Police Say She Died of ‘Natural Causes’

The family of a young Kansas City, Missouri mother is seeking answers after she was found dead a day after going on a date with a white man. 

Asia Maynard, 29, was last heard from earlier this month by her sister, Tera Maynard. Tera told Fox News 4 that Asia was supposed to visit her but changed plans when she decided to go on a date with a man she had recently met. 

“She called me Friday at 10:30 or 11:00 and said, ‘Hey, I met a new friend. I’m going on a date, I’ll come by tomorrow,'” Tera said. 

Asia’s family never heard from her again after that.

“After Friday she never called. She never showed up, and that’s not like her. So, another day goes by. I said, something’s not right. It’s not sitting right with my spirit,” Tera said.

Tera said she tried to file a missing person’s report with Kansas City Police on Saturday Feb 19 but was told by investigators that Asia was probably fine and that they would reach back out to her soon. However, Tera would soon learn that police already knew where her sister was and the family was never contacted.

Hailie Loomis, Maynard’s cousin, told the Kansas City Defender that Maynard wasn’t reported dead until Sunday Feb. 20, a day after the family reached out to police. Loomis said the Kansas City Police Department “decided to report her missing and that they had properly identified her and that she was deceased.” 

According to the family, investigators told them the man Asia had gone on a date with called police to report that she had died. The man was later identified as Isiah James Crown.

The family says KCPD wouldn’t share “any information with us regarding where they found her” or the name of the man that not only went on a date with Maynard but reported her death.

Kansas City police and the medical examiner told the family they do not believe there was foul play. They concluded that the 29-year-old, mother of four, died of “natural causes.”

Asia’s family is outraged and feels the police botched the investigation following her death. They say Asia was healthy and strong and don’t believe she died of natural causes.

“She’s only 29. You’re not dying of natural causes at 29,” her mother Denise Maynard told the outlet.

The family also says they saw signs of possible injuries to Asia. 

“When she got to the funeral home and we viewed her body she had blood in her eyes and her ears and her clothes were saturated with blood,” Denise told  Fox News 4.

Maynard’s family wants answers as the case is currently being handled as a death investigation, not a homicide, per FOX4

“I want justice done if he did it. Please in the name of Jesus I know God seen everything and we want people to listen to us,” Maynard’s aunt, Rhonda Turner told FOX4.

Police have asked anyone with information that can help in this case to call the TIPS Hotline at (816)-474-8477.

Maynard’s case is eerily similar to the deaths of Lauren Smith-Fields and Brenda Rawls of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Both women who were found dead in December on the same day after going on dates and whose family’s believe police botched their death investigations.

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