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47 GOP Senators Tried To Block Relief Funding For Poisoned Flint Children

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A large contingent of 47 Republican senators and 1 Democratic senator have blocked legislation to provide aid to Flint, MI for the city’s ongoing water crisis. Their efforts to block the bill was defeated by the narrowest of margins, ONE vote. The veto of the Energy and Water Agencies Appropriations Act was shocking because 75% of the GOP senators initially co-sponsored the bill.

The Senate Minority Leader, Harry Reid (D-NV) blasted the Republican senators for issuing symbolic votes on issues such as the Flint water crisis and then backpedaling after the public spotlight has diminished. The water crisis in Flint has affected 100,000 residents and 9,000 of those residents are children under six years old. It is incomprehensible that these senators will block funding for the remediation of the water that was poisoned by Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder and his cronies.



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