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6 Successful Black Entrepreneurs Who Are Still Kids

Taylor MoxleyTaylor Moxley

Taylor Moxley is a native of Miami, Florida who began selling her cupcakes because she wanted $40 to buy a doll she really liked. Taylor decided to sell her cupcakes at her church and was able to make $175 in one day. This planted a seed for Taylor, who not only bought her doll but took the rest of her profits and started a real business. At 9 years old, Taylor The Chef is poised to have a successful career in the world of business. Taylor has also published a book titled The Adventures of Taylor The Chef.



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Shantae Pelt March 5, 2016 at 1:39 pm

Seeing all of these amazing Kidprneuers is nothing short of amazing . I am proud of each and everyone one of them ! Such great businesses , they are destined for greatness . My daughters Mikayla, 9and Kennedy, 5 also have their own business. It’s called Ken and Kate’s Closet. They sell snow cones on hot summer days . You all can follow on Facebook at “Ken and Kate’s Closet”.

Maurice Smith July 24, 2016 at 1:23 pm

These Are All Of The Wonderful Stories That Needs To Be Brought To The State Of Connecticut With Its Dismal Record Of Suppressing Black And Minority-Owned Businesses And Organizations. However, it Is Imperative That We Continue To Be Proud Of Our Culture And Not Let The Deranged Local Black Politicians That Have Sold Us Out Continue Their Practice Of Keeping Things That Way. Now, More Than Ever Is The Time That Blacks And Minority Organization Start Supporting Each Other. If Not, We Will Continue To Suffer From All Of The Self-Inflicted Social Ills That Have Kept Us In The Position In The First Place. The Connecticut Black Expo Is In The Business Of “Building Better Communities.” For All Of The Latest Updates, Please Go to Or Call 203-558-0066!


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