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6 Ways To Support Black Owned Business That Cost You Nothing

We all know the importance of supporting businesses from our community. And we should try to spend our dollar within our community whenever possible but there are ways to support a business even on those days when you don’t have the money to spend or the need to purchase. Support comes in many different forms. Check out our list of some simple ways you can support your favorited Black owned business for little to no money.

1. Download Apps Created By Black Developers

mobile phone appsA couple of flicks of your thumb is all it takes! You’re  on your phone all day, playing Angry Birds, checking your Facebook timeline; why not take a moment to support a Black owned business by downloading an app created by a Black developer? Most are free, and every download and review helps! And there are a lot of very useful apps out there. Take some time and do some research to find more that you can really use. Here are a couple to get you started:
WeMojis, Plum Perfect Tuloko, Blackscoop, WHERE U Came From, Scholly,





2. Spread the word

Megaphone-girl-FOSTER-CHILDREN-USAJust because you may not need a particular product or service doesn’t mean your friends, associates or those 1,000 followers on your social media account don’t. Help support Black owned businesses by tweeting, posting and sharing their info. If you need a list of great Black businesses, check out the Black Business Directory on this site and others like,, and others. (google “black business directory” to find more)







3. Read and subscribe to Black blogs

fshoncomBelieve it or not, a lot of businesses are making good money from their blogs. Most get paid off Google and private ads. The more views they get – the more money they make. So subscribe to as many Black owned blogs as you can and go read an article whenever you have some free time. They’re blogs in almost any topic you can imagine. Here are a couple good ones to get you started: 200+ AMAZING Black Bloggers








4. Promote Black-Owned Crowdfunding Campaigns

crowdfundingJust because you don’t have the money to donate doesn’t mean you can’t still help. Sharing a crowdfunding campaign with your social media friends and followers could lead to a lot more money to help the campaign get funded. BBNOMICS has a crowdfunding site for Black-owned businesses.










5. Like and follow their social media profiles

social mediaThis is one of the easiest and most obvious things to do on the list. Just click the “Like” button! It’s not that hard and it won’t cost you a thing. Many potential clients feel like the more followers a business has on social media, the more credibility they have. Help a worthy Black business increase their online credibility by liking and following their social media page.







6. Cross promote

This is an image of two business hands performing a handshake.This is a good one that could help your business and a fellow BOB. Find a Black owned business that has a product or service that compliments yours and see if they want to cross promote. Ask them to mention your services in their blog posts, add a link to your site on their site, get creative!






Have any other good ideas on ways to support Black Businesses? Share them in the comments

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