8-Year Old Bronx Twins Create Bottled Water Company to Provide Healthy Option for Kids

Brazil and Princeton Dowe are 8-year-old twins from the Bronx who are already the CEOs of their own bottled water company. Water 2 Kids was born when the twins noticed that many kids don’t drink water and often drank soda instead. They’re goal was to create a product that would give children a healthy option and entice them to buy water that was branded directly towards them.

“Kids don’t drink a lot of water because they don’t see it in the store, just for them,” Brazil explained.

The twins’ mother, Alina Dowe, is acting Chief Operating Officer, Distributor and Accountant. She handles the logistics of getting the water from the company’s bottler in upstate New York and distributing the cases to the participating stores.

“We have a bottler and its up in upstate New York,” Dowe twins mom Alina Dowe explained. “It comes from the natural springs of the mountains, it gets bottled and shipped down to us and we distribute it to the stores.”

Water 2 Kids is currently being sold in 17 different locations throughout the NYC area and the family plans to continue to expand their business.

To learn more about Water 2 Kids, follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/thedowetwins

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