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Ahmaud Arbery Was Hit By a Truck Before He Was Killed; Killer Allegedly Used Racial Slur

During preliminary hearings in the Ahmaud Arbery case, a Georgia of Investigation agent outlined new details about the events that led to Arbery’s death on February 23.

According to GBI agent Richard Dail, Arbery was struck by William “Roddy” Bryan’s pickup truck shortly before he was fatally shot.

Dial said the three men charged with Arbery’s murder engaged in an elaborate chase as the 25-year-old jogger repeatedly tried to avoid them.

Dial went on to say that Bryan began recording Arbery after he had struck him with his truck.

Investigators found a swipe from a palm print on the rear door of Bryan’s truck, cotton fibers near the truck bed that they say can be attributed to “contact with Mr. Arbery” and a dent below the fibers, Dial said.

According to Dial, Bryan first became involved with the chase by yelling to the McMichaels, “Do you got him?” when he saw them chasing Arbery.

After yelling out to the McMichaels, Bryan joined the chase.

Bryan tried to block Arbery in with his truck as Travis McMichael drove around the block with his father in the bed of the truck.

Bryan “made several statements about trying to block him in and using his vehicle to try to stop him,” Dial said. “His statement was that Mr. Arbery kept jumping out of the way and moving around the bumper and actually running down into the ditch in an attempt to avoid his truck.”

According to Dial, at one point during the chase, Arbery was trying to leave the Satilla Shores neighborhood, but the McMichales forced him to turn back into the neighborhood and run towards Bryan. That was when Bryan hit him with his truck.

Bryan turned around, and that is where the horrific video of Arbery’s murder begins.

Dial also revealed that Bryan told police Travis McMichael used a racial slur — the “n-word” — over the body of the slain Arbery.

The McMichaels, charged with murder and aggravated assault, appeared wearing face masks from the Glynn County Detention Center a few miles away from the courthouse.

Bryan waived his right to appear.

The Justice Department has launched a hate crime investigation in the case.

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