Invests $12M In This Entrepreneur’s Invention

paul-judgePaul Judge is an entrepreneur who graduated from Morehouse College and earned his Ph.D. in network security at Georgia Institute of Technology. Paul and friend, Mike Van Bruinisse, are the co-founders of Luma, a company that produces a home wireless router. The router is designed to improve connection-speed quality and decrease dead Wi-Fi areas in your house.

Recently, has invested more than $12 million in capital into the invention.

Priced affordably at $149, the router uses a technique called “surround wi-fi”. Similar to a surround-sound speaker system, the router puts an end to the old technology that requires devices to search for the best connection spot. On top of that, the router also offers security protection similar to what was previously available only to businesses.

In a recent interview, Judge told Forbes Magazine that Amazon is looking to integrate the Luma router into their Echo and Alexa products, which act as voice-activated virtual-assistants.

He told, “We’re solving the issue of bad Internet. People spend nearly $8 billion per year buying routers. We developed Luma to answer the question of how we can make home networks better, smarter and safer, but not annoying.”

“There are problems Luma can take care of; like when a guest connects to the network, you’ll have the ability to prevent viruses on their computer connecting to anything on your network,” he added.

According to Judge and Bruinisse, more than 30,000 units have already been pre-sold. 30,000 units sold equals to already more than $2 million in anticipated sales. They expect to begin shipping by the end of spring 2016, and investment from will help them to accelerate the company’s growth.

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