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Anita Baker Asks Fans To Stop Streaming and Buying Her Music As She Fights For Her Masters

Legendary sing/songwriter Anita Baker took to Twitter last week to ask her fans to stop purchasing and streaming her music as she battles with her label for ownership rights of her masters.

Baker posted that she has outlived all her artist contracts. She went on to say that the record label no longer owns her name or likeness, and, by law, her 30-year-old masters should be returned to her.

She is referencing something called a copyright reversion, also known as the “35year law.”

The law permits authors to reclaim their copyrights 35 years after transferring rights for purposes of publication.

The music legend says the time is up and she is urging her fans to avoid her music until she can regain her copyrights.  

Check out her tweets below:

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