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Attorneys File Civil Rights Lawsuit Against Waffle House Over Chikesia Clemons Arrest

Lawyers representing Chikesia Clemons filed a civil rights lawsuit against Waffle House Wednesday morning.

According to a statement given by Clemon’s attorney Benjamin Crump on Wednesday, the lawsuit is based on a “pattern and practice of racism and discrimination against African Americans, that led to Chikesia Clemons, an unarmed Black woman, being assaulted and battered and body-slammed and choked and disrobed at the Waffle House restaurant in Saraland, Alabama”.

Clemon’s arrest at a Waffle House in Saraland, Ala. was captured on video in April of 2018. The footage shows Clemons being thrown to the floor and her top coming off, exposing her breast, as officers attempt to arrest her. 

Police say they were trying to get Clemons to leave the restaurant claiming she was drunk and threatened restaurant workers. Clemon’s lawyer says she was just trying to get a corporate phone number and the treatment was unnecessary.

Clemons is suing Waffle House for unlawful discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution, and abuse of process. 

In July of last year, Clemons was found guilty by a judge in municipal court of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Clemons later appealed the ruling and in September of last year, she was granted a jury trial. A jury found Clemons not guilty of disorderly conduct but guilty on resisting arrest in August.

Attorney Benjamin Crump is representing Clemons and a national women’s group in this lawsuit.

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