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    Jay Z Becomes First Rapper Inducted Into Songwriter’s Hall Of Fame

    After a career of making numerous hits, Jay Z has been acknowledged for his prolific writing by being inducted into the 2017 Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. Although he was absent from the induction ceremony, Hova offered up a serious name drop by having former president, Barack Obama, bless the audience with a pre-recorded message. With his […]

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    Basquiat Painting Sells For Record-Breaking $110 Million

    A painting created in 1982 by Jean-Michel Basquiat has sold for a staggering $110.5 million at a recent Sotheby’s auction in Manhattan, NYC. The piece, which is known as ‘Untitled’ was purchased by Japanese collector and entrepreneur, Yusaku Maezawa. The sale of the painting sets a record for the highest amount ever paid for a work […]

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    Newark, NJ Native Creates New Social Media App

    At a time when getting an opinion from numerous people takes just a few seconds, an entrepreneur from Newark, NJ wants to make the response time even faster. Jhamar Youngblood created an app, Blastchat, that will give users the chance to better filter the content they want to see and react to. One day when […]

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    Buffalo, NY Mother Arrested For Homeschooling Her Kids

    Kiarre Harris, a single mom in Buffalo, NY realized her school district was failing to properly educate her two elementary age children. So she filed the necessary paperwork to formally remove her kids from public school and begin the process of homeschooling them herself. Ms. Harris says she went to city hall and picked up […]

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    Republican Lawmakers Are Passing Legislation To Ban Peaceful Protest

    With the inauguration of Donald Trump as president just one week ago, Republican lawmakers in several states are passing laws to ban peaceful protests. The laws seem to be directed toward demonstrations where protesters are blocking traffic on local roads or highways. The new laws supplement or strengthen laws already on the books which are […]

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    Police in Denver ordered to take blankets from homeless people In a video that has now gone viral, police officers with the Denver PD are seen taking blankets from homeless people during frigid winter temperatures. The officers were enforcing an ordinance that ban people from “unauthorized camping” on public sidewalks. The police department released a statement saying the blankets, tents, and other winter survival […]

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    Never Forget: The 1998 Savage Lynching Of James Byrd Jr.

    On June 7, 1998, a Black man in Jasper, TX was ‘lynched by dragging’ because he accepted a ride from three white men, one of whom he had known. James Byrd, Jr. was a 49-year-old father of one child, who was brutally killed after accepting a ride from Shawn Berry, a white male he had known […]

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    Recent study shows beauty products marketed towards Black women contain more harmful chemicals

    A recently released study found that beauty products marketed towards Black women contain more harmful chemicals. The report by the nonprofit, Environmental Working Group, examined a total of 1,177 beauty and personal care products. The tested products varied from shampoo to soap to makeup to perfume. The EWG discovered that 1 out of every 12 products geared […]

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    Cameron Clarke is One out of only 32 Rhodes Scholarship recipients for 2017

    Having always been a high-achiever, being selected to receive a Rhodes Scholarship for 2017, is the highest achievement to date for Cameron Clarke. After graduating from McNair Academic High School in Jersey City, NJ, Cameron is now in his senior year at Howard University. He will be graduating college with a double-major degree in biology and community health. The Scholarship […]

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    Share Our History: During the Jim Crow Era, Blacks Used ‘The Green Book’ to avoid being harassed by Whites when they traveled

    As we are in full swing of the holiday season, millions of Americans are traveling throughout the country. Not so long ago, traveling while Black was a treacherous endeavor. Black families traveling throughout the country would usually have to pack their own food and gas for the trip. The reason for this was because they […]

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    Chris Goode is helping people become healthier through juicing

      After a friend from California introduced Chris Goode to the health benefits of juicing, he wanted to share this knowledge with his community. So a little less than two years ago, he decided to become an entrepreneur and open Ruby Jean’s Juicery. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the business is named in honor of […]

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    Mall of America hires their first Black Santa

    Larry Jefferson, a retired US Army veteran, has landed a four-day job at the country’s largest shopping complex, Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Larry will be the first Black Santa to appear at the mall since its opening 24 years ago. Santa Larry will be at the mall from Thursday, December 1st. to Sunday, December […]

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    Cop that killed Keith Lamont Scott is Exonerated

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, Brentley Vinson, who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott on September 20, 2016, was cleared of all charges on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. During a press conference, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney, Andrew Murray, stated that the shooting was justified and he had reached that conclusion along with 15 other prosecutors. […]