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    Tiera Guinn is just 22 years old and she’s already an Engineer for NASA

    At the young age of 22, Tiera Guinn is already an engineer for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) agency. She works as a Rocket Structural Design and Analysis Engineer for the Space Launch System, which is a program being built by Boeing for NASA. As part of her job, Guinn designs and analyzes portions […]

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    Trump Just Removed White Supremacist Groups From Terror Watch Program

    In his most shocking move since becoming president two weeks ago, Donald Trump’s regime is making changes to America’s domestic terrorism programs. He’s officially legalizing religious profiling of Muslims and is removing dangerous white supremacist extremist groups from the watch lists; although they are responsible for most of the domestic terrorism that occurs in America. […]

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    WorldstarHipHop founder, Lee O’Denat, dies at 43

    Lee O’Denat, the founder of the popular music and video website, has died in southern California. O’Denat was 43. Known as “Q” by his friends and millions of followers, the media mogul passed away from unknown causes. Originally from Hollis, Queens, O’Denat was living in San Diego with his three kids. The celebrity news […]

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    U.S. Secret Service Settles $24 Million Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

    The Secret Service Department, the agency known mostly for protecting the U.S. President, has settled a class-action lawsuit over their practice of racial discrimination. The settlement that was reached will pay the plaintiffs in the case a whooping $24 million. All together, there were 100 Black agents who took part in the lawsuit alleging they […]

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    Department of Justice Issues Report on Chicago Police Use of Excessive Force

    In a recent interview just prior to leaving office, US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, talked about her time leading the Department of Justice. Ms. Lynch holds the highest law enforcement job in America and with that responsibility, has made it a priority to hold police departments accused of abuse accountable for their actions. The most […]

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    Dr. Boyce Watkins Says Facebook is Banning Black People’s Accounts

    There has recently been a lot of talk within the Black community about Facebook and its apparent bias towards Black issues. Because of this, many people in the Black community are looking for alternative social media platforms to use. There are numerous complaints of accounts being suspended for days, weeks, and sometimes even months, for […]

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    Chicago’s 762 homicides in 2016 is highest in 19 years

    The city of Chicago has logged one of its deadliest years for homicides in 2016, according to data made public by the Chicago Police Department. The murder rate is the highest its been in over 19 years with a huge surge in gun violence in 2016. There were 3,550 shooting incidents with a total of 762 […]