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    School Cop Who Received Oral Sex From A Child Won’t Have To Register As Sex Offender

    A police officer in the Houston Independent School District has pleaded guilty to the sexual molestation of a 14-year-old student while working at the Cullen Middle School in 2015. The officer, 30-year-old Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, accepted the plea deal that will have him serve only 5-years probation and not require him to register as a sex offender. The deal stipulates […]

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    Cleveland Cop Who Shot Tamir Rice Is Fired

    As of this Tuesday, Cleveland police have fired the rookie officer who shot and killed 12-year-old Tamir Rice. Timothy Loehmann not fired for his role in the death of Tamir Rice but rather for lying on his application with the Cleveland police department. Report say he failed to reveal that he was allowed to resign […]

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    NJ School Has 5th Graders Make Slave Auction Posters For History Class

    Parents at an elementary school in South Orange, New Jersey were outraged when they walked into the school for parent/teacher conferences and saw posters hanging in the hallways advertising slave auctions. The posters had been drawn by the school’s 5th grade class as a project for History class. The children, who had been learning about […]

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    NYPD Caught on Video Using Stun Gun on Pregnant Teen

    A pregnant, 17-year-old young woman from the Wakefield section in the Bronx, was tasered by NYPD officers responding to a separate incident in her apartment building. The female, identified as Dailene Rosario, is currently 14-weeks pregnant. She is terrified for the safety of her unborn child because she delivered a stillborn baby at 8-months pregnant […]

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    Myron Rolle’s Transition From The NFL To The Operating Room

    There hasn’t been too many people fortunate enough to thumb their nose at a chance to sign a contract with an NFL team. One such person is Myron Rolle, who was ranked as the number one prospect entering the 2006 NFL draft coming out of college. Gifted with extreme athletic talent, Myron was highly sought […]

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    Louisiana Judge Refers to Black Woman as “Fat Nigger”

    According to a post on Facebook, Kaneitra Johnson says a judge told a fellow bar patron, “You should have made her get her fat nigger ass up.” The statement was allegedly made by Judge Mike Erwin, who is the most senior jurist in Louisiana’s 19th Judicial District. The incident reportedly took place at Sammy’s Grill in Baton […]

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    Facebook is being accused of ‘racially biased censorship’ by the ACLU

    A collection of almost 80 civil rights groups are accusing Facebook of “racially biased censorship.” They are saying the company needs to be more transparent about its removal policies and cooperation with law enforcement. This adds to the criticism Facebook has been facing in recent months over the way it manages the content posted or […]

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    Sprint Buys 33% Of Jay Z’s Tidal For $200 Million

    According to Billboard, Jay Z has reportedly sold a 33% stake of his Tidal music streaming service to Sprint for $200 million. It’s reported that Tidal will now be available to Sprint’s 45 million customers and the company’s CEO, Marcelo Claure, will become a member of Tidal’s board of directors. Jay Z and the other […]

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    The Reason More Black Lawyers Are Necessary

    According to the most recent data from the American Bar Association (ABA), there were 1,300,705 licensed lawyers in America in 2015. Of that total, only 5% or 65,035 were Black lawyers! Consider the fact that white people are approximately +/-66% of the American population but make up 88% of all lawyers in the country. While […]

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    Bessie B. Stringfield broke barriers as a female motorcyclist

    Although many people might not have heard of her, Bessie B. Stringfield is a Black female pioneer in the world of motorcycling. Born in the island nation of Jamaica in 1911, Bessie immigrated to Boston with her parents at a very young age. Before turning 5, she became an orphan after both of her parents […]

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    15 Amazing Black Owned Handbag Companies To Support

    Women spend billions of dollars every year on hand bags. Many of the top designers’ bags are sold for thousands of dollars each. Some of the “elite” designers, such as Gucci, are multi-billion dollar companies. So where do Black handbag compaines fit in? Glad you asked! Check out our list of amazing Black owned handbag […]

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    Police defend releasing man who is accused of shooting ex-NFL star Joe McKnight

    Louisiana sheriff, Newell Normand, confirmed that investigators released the man who admitted he shot ex-NFL running back, Joe McKnight in a road rage incident that left the athlete dead. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff, told reporters he was confident the suspect, 54-year-old Ronald Gasser, was “not going anywhere. He has been completely cooperative.” Joe McKnight, a […]

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    Former Black Panther serving life sentence for shooting a cop denied parole

    Sundiata Acoli, 80, who is a former Black Panther, has once again been denied parole from prison and must serve another 15 years before going in front of the parole board again. Acoli was sentenced to life in prison for the 1973 killing of a New Jersey State Trooper, during a shootout on a desolate highway. […]