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Babette Davis Is The Owner Of A Vegan Soul Food Restaurant And You’ll Never Guess Her Age

Babette Davis is a 65-year old entrepreneur who opened her soul food vegan restaurant in 2008. Stuff I Eat, located in downtown Inglewood, CA, is the only vegan restaurant in the neighborhood and people are eating it up!

At first glance, you’d never guess Babette is 65. She says she owes her youthful and healthy appearance to her vegan lifestyle. She began her new healthier lifestyle in 1990 after meeting the man she would eventually marry. Realizing that many of her physical ailments were a direct result of the food she was eating, Babette started reading books about the vegan lifestyle and subscribed to the philosophy that “we as humans have a connection with the food we eat”. That philosophy included not only food but also fitness. Now she’s spreading the word and feeding others, cuisine that is healthier for animals, the planet, and themselves.

For more info about Stuff I Eat, go to there website here

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