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Baltimore Police Release Body Cam Footage of Shooting of Nathaniel Sassafras

The Baltimore Police Department has released the body cam footage of the deadly police-involved shooting that happened last Sunday.

According to Interim Baltimore City Police Commissioner Gary Tuggle, Officer Phillip Lippe and Officer Steven Foster were conducting a uniformed crime suppression around the 800 block of Vine Street when the shooting happened.

In an afternoon press conference on Monday, Interim Commissioner Gary Tuggle said that 29-year-old Nathaniel Sassafras shot at the officers with an “intent on his part to kill this officer.”

Interim Commissioner Tuggle says Sassafras fired at the officers ten times hitting one of them three times, twice in the upper body and a third time on his elbow. Luckily the bullets hit the officers’ body armor and body-worn camera. 

Officials confirm that during the exchange of fire the officers shot back at Sassafras over thirty times and he was later pronounced dead.

Police say that Sassafras had a record and was released from prison for murder before this incident.

The officer who was shot survived and was released from the hospital on Monday.

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