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Recent study shows beauty products marketed towards Black women contain more harmful chemicals

A recently released study found that beauty products marketed towards Black women contain more harmful chemicals.

The report by the nonprofit, Environmental Working Group, examined a total of 1,177 beauty and personal care products. The tested products varied from shampoo to soap to makeup to perfume. The EWG discovered that 1 out of every 12 products geared towards Black women contained chemicals that are considered “highly hazardous.”

The study’s authors pointed out that while 40% of products sold to all consumers had a “low hazard” rating, only 25% of the products targeted towards women of color had the same rating. According to the EWG, the most harmful products that Black women are using are: hair relaxers, hair coloring products, and bleaching products.

Some of the side-effects of using these products are: cancer, hormone disruption, and allergies. Almost 25% of the studied products contained chemicals that cause hormone disruptions. And when analyzed, the numbers showed that Black women account for 22% of all monies spent on beauty products in America. With that said, women of color are spending a lot of money on potentially dangerous beauty products that can harm their overall health.

Ladies, it’s time to consider what price you’re willing to pay for beauty.

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