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Black Couple Says Birth Of Baby Turned Hostile After Refusing To Let Doctor Take Baby’s Blood

A Los Angeles couple wanted a private birth at their home, but they say things took a hostile turn when they had to go to the hospital and police later showed up with guns at their door.

Kayla Love and Khari Jones are thrilled about their daughter Fari Love Jones, born at home on June 27.

“I started feeling pain at 9 o’clock. She was here at 9:15. There was no time for a doula, midwife or anybody to get there,” said Kayla.

“We had an emergency birth. We wanted a home birth, still trying to figure out what we really wanted to do,” said Khari.

Since Kayla had complications, paramedics were called. The couple says the paramedics declared the baby healthy but rushed everyone to LA County USC Medical Center where the couple declined to let doctors draw the baby’s blood.

“We said no. We prefer our child to be seen by a private physician. Don’t want your services. Reserve the right to deny,” Kayla said.

The couple says that’s when things took a hostile turn and doctors asked if Kayla had Hepatitis. They also say a social worker and LAPD asked about domestic abuse in the home.

“The officer was, as a mother, she was like, don’t you care about your daughter? Don’t you want to answer these questions and get this over with?” said Kayla.

Kayla opted to discharge early and go home with her family but the couple says that night, the social worker walked in with the police.

A concerned neighbor recorded video showing LAPD detaining Khari.

“Between 10-15 officers came up in our home, pointing guns at me while I’m holding the baby! Over a Health and Wellness check, what they claim to be,” said Khari.

LA County USC Medical Center issued a statement:

“When there are concerns about the health and welfare of a minor, our medical staff have obligations to report such matters to appropriate social welfare authorities so they can investigate the safety of the home environment.”

The couple and their California state senator dispute such concerns.

“USC is in my District. I am expecting a call from them. LAPD obviously serves my district. I am expecting a call from them,” said State Sen. Sydney Kamlager (CA-30th District).

“This is predatory. They are just going for people they feel can be a victim. They didn’t know who they were dealing with. We are not letting this slide,” said Kayla.

LAPD says they expect to have a statement on this incident by the end of the week.

The couple believes someone provided police with keys to enter their apartment. They’ve got questions and plan legal action.

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