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Black Police Officer Arrested and Charged After Allegedly Tasing Suspect Who Hurled Racial Slurs

Monroe, La. – A Black Louisiana police officer has been arrested after being accused of tasing a suspect who made racial slurs against him during an arrest in September.

Monroe police officer Timothy Miller was taken into custody and charged with aggravated battery and malfeasance in office in connection with the arrest that occurred on Sept 24, 2021.

The City of Monroe released a statement regarding the officer’s arrest on Friday, saying, “Following Miller’s use of force on September 24, 2021, MPD reviewed the body camera footage and notified Chief Victor Zordan of Miller’s use of force,” the release read. “Chief Zordan then notified OPSO of the incident and requested that OPSO conduct a full, independent criminal investigation into the matter.”

According to an affidavit obtained by KNOE-TV, Officer Miller ordered the suspect to get in his patrol car numerous times however, the suspect did not immediately follow Miller’s requests and was trying to give his phone to a family member. The report says Miller drew his Taser and the suspect then got into the car. Once inside the car, the suspect started using racial slurs against Miller and that’s when Miller tased him, according to the report.

Miller was put on leave three days after the even and the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office began conducting an investigation into the incident, The News-Star reported.

“Our police officers face difficult and challenging situations every time they put on the uniform and are forced to react in tense, evolving circumstances,” Zordan said in the release. “The job is understandably difficult, but I expect nothing less than the highest levels of professionalism and integrity from our officers in the performance of their duties. I will continue to hold officers accountable to these standards and take action where necessary to ensure that those standards are met.”

Miller has bonded out of jail and is currently on paid administrative leave.

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