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Black Student Asked by School to Change Her Natural Hair Because It Was Against Hair Policy

A Florida teen was asked to change her natural hair because it was against dress code policy. 16-year-old Nicole Orr is a junior at the private Montverde Academy in Lake County, FL who says she is known for her curls, but she never thought she would be singled out because of them.

“People say they love my hair because it’s so diverse, curly and Afro-centric,” 16-year-old Nicole Orr told WOFL.

Nicole’s father, Eric Orr says he received a call from the school telling him his daughter needed to get her hair done. “…she wears her natural and I was kind of taken aback by it,” Mr. Orr added.

Eric Orr said that a school administrator said Nicole’s style wasn’t in line with the dress code policy.

“She literally felt, ‘Wow, what’s wrong with my hair? The Caucasian girls are able to wear their natural hair straight. Why can’t I wear my natural hair the way that it grows?’” Secily Wilson, Nicole’s mom, said.

The concerned parents checked the school’s handbook, where one line in particular caught their attention.

“It said ‘dread-like’ hair and so that could be ambiguous and it could give you latitude to target a certain person or a certain group so we felt we needed to address the issue,” Eric Orr said.

Nicole’s parents met with the school’s headmaster earlier this week to discuss the issue the school had with their daughter’s natural hair style.

“My understanding in talking with the dean of students, I think it was more in line with that neat and organized look that we’re going for. Not so much the issue of dread locks per say,” Kasey Kesselring, Montverde’s headmaster, told the news station.

But after looking at the policy, Kesselring acknowledged that the line about “dread-like” hair needed to go.

“To know that we were able to help our daughter and all the other daughters or boys out there… we feel pretty good about it,” Wilson said.

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Lorene January 14, 2019 at 2:08 pm

It seems that any thing not simulated into the white world is wrong they have taken everything from black people
HERITAGE language customs now they want the hair on our head it’s something wrong with these dam people pure jealousy is sinful.

kimberly August 3, 2019 at 7:49 pm

They haven’t taken nothing away from us but they continue to try. And we are not giving anything away!! They hate that they are not making money off of our buying hair crack!! They hate that we reproduce more rapidly than they do. They hate to see black with black. Let them HATE!! They will have to deal with God in the end., Vengance is mine sayeth the Lord.

kim August 3, 2019 at 7:57 pm

You are correct though. Until they are able to replicate what we do and look like. Such as our lips, butts, rap music and every other thing God blessed us with they will HATE but hair is another thing. God gave only us this Different hair and I love it!
Make no mistake about it, with all of this wierd stuff they are doing with our blood. Yes our blood so be careful about that. Even when they promote mixed race they want access to all of you biologically.
One thing they will never, ever be able to steal and that is our lineage. LOLOL They got to go through Jesus like everyone else.

Edward russell March 20, 2019 at 3:03 pm

Jealousy cause she is well attractive to not just het only race kids at the school but to the white guys as well even though we know she has no interest period.


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