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Black Undercover Cop Who Was Beaten By Fellow Cops During Protest Sues Police Department

Luther Hall, a Black undercover police officer with the St. Louis police department, has filed a lawsuit against the department and the city. Hall was beaten by police from his own department during a protest that began after officer Jason Stockley was accused of killing Anthony Lamar Smith.

Hall and his partner were working undercover at the time of the incident. Their task was to monitor the protests and provide updates to the detectives back at the command center.

The lawsuit states that police charged the crowd they were in while swinging their batons and firing bean bags at the crowd. The suit also states that police used mace canisters and shot pepper balls at the crowd, without warning them to disperse.

Hall then continued on to follow some of the demonstrators who were still destroying property. Hall says his path was suddenly blocked by a car and police officers jumped out. Hall says he complied when the cops told him to get on the ground, however the account given by the police officers who were present claims he did not comply.

According to the lawsuit, the officers picked up Hall slammed him to the ground twice.

Footage from the incident shows that Hall was then surrounded by police who began beating him with batons and their fists. Hall says he allowed police to arrest him because he thought one of his coworkers would recognize him.

Hall’s partner, who is White, was also arrested but he was not hit by police.

The lawsuit is one of three that was filed this week.

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