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Black Women Upset With The Way Police Treated White Men Who Broke Into Her Home

Raleigh, NC – A woman from Raleigh, NC is upset and disappointed with the way police handled two men who broke into her apartment.

On February 2, Shanay Porter came home to a terrifying encounter when she opened her front door and found two men lounging in her living room, eating her food, and wearing her ex-boyfriend’s clothes.

“I just looked at him and said, ‘who are you?’ And he started coming toward me and I hurried up and closed the door,” Porter told ABC11. “I didn’t know what to think or what to say. I was so speechless. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

Porter, who had spent the night away from home, said her door was locked but somehow the intruders broke in.

A neighbor’s doorbell cam showed the two men twisting doorknobs in the breezeway the night before.

When police arrived, Porter says an already traumatic experience was exacerbated. Instead of immediately removing the two men from her home and arresting them, Raleigh police officers calmly questions them while they stood in Porter’s living room. At one point an officer even tells Porter to “Stop” as she yells for him to get the intruders out of her home.

Porter, who is Black, says the treatment of the two White men is a double standard.

“If I was a white woman and I called and said it was two Black intruders in my house, I feel like they would’ve had them out of my house immediately,” Porter told ABC11.

Charles Merry, 35, and Brian Capell, 45, were both eventually arrested and charged with breaking and entering. They are both currently in the Wake County Jail.

The Raleigh Police Department released the following statement regarding the break in and the officer’s handling of the situation:

“The two men in this incident were arrested. This is a criminal investigation. The Raleigh Police Department is reviewing the actions of the officers internally to ensure that policy and procedure were followed.”

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Roosevelt D. Goodman February 11, 2021 at 1:48 pm

I agree with this lady i mean they did not even have the guns out , it`s like they knew that it wasn`t going to be a threat going into the home , DNA ( DAM NIGGAS ALWAYS) IT`S IN THE DNA. Like we all are born with 10 fingers & toes the hate is always going to be there in a white person.


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