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Body of Missing Texas Man Discovered in Trunk of His Car in Impound Lot

Houston, Tx. – The body of a missing Texas man has been identified, nearly two months after he went missing.

The Houston Police Department announced on Monday that the body of Taylour Young, 25, was discovered on January 19 in the trunk of his vehicle at an impound lot in Dallas.

According to authorities, his body was “in an advanced state of decomposition.” Law enforcement agencies in both Dallas and Houston are conducting ongoing homicide investigations, as they await the Dallas County Medical Examiner’s Office cause of death determination.

Young’s mother, Tiffany Robinson, told KPRC in December that she last saw her son on Dec. 8. Robinson said when her son didn’t return from his lunch break that day she became concerned.   

“He sent me a text message about 11:30. It was a picture of his dog with the antlers on his head,” Robinson recalled. “Taylour has a routine, and the routine is to get up in the morning, walk my dog, work, come home on my lunch break, walk my dog, either take a nap with my dog or play video games and go back to work.”

Young was last seen in surveillance video on Dec. 9 near a Capital One bank on South Voss Road in Houston driving a 2019 Honda Civic. The footage from the bank showed no foul play.

His phone was found in the bushes near a bank, but his car was gone without a trace. His girlfriend, Kese Smith, reported him missing to the police on Dec 9. 

Robinson told PEOPLE that her son was a “quiet child.”

“He was humble, nice, active and friendly. He loves fishing, riding bikes, but most importantly skateboarding,” Robinson said. “He’s not argumentative. He’s not a fighter. He loves helping people. It’s just odd that this could happen to him, disappearing.” 

Young’s friend, Autumn Beviacqua, who helped organize search efforts, told KPRC that she wants answers.

“I just want to know what happened. I want to know who would do something like this to him,” said Beviacqua. “He was proud of the things he had, the things he accomplished. He was proud of his friends, his family and he loved to skateboard… literally always had a smile on his face.”

Young’s best friend, Christian Gorgy, told local Houston station KHOU that he was loved by everyone.

“It makes no sense why any of this would happen. Taylour was a superhero to me. Really, I just thought he would come back and would be a great story,”  Gorgy stated, adding, “I don’t have my brother anymore and I don’t know how I am going to deal with that. I wish I could have him back.”

Anyone with information concerning Young’s death is urged to call the Houston Police Department Homicide Division at 713-308-3600.

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