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Boston Cop Doesn’t Realize Body-Cam Is Recording When He Brags About Hitting BLM Protesters With Car

A sergeant with the Boston police has been placed on administrative leave after a body camera video of him seemingly bragging about hitting Black Lives Matter protesters with his car surfaced.

In the video the unidentified policeman jokingly recalls how he drove his police car through a crowd of protesters and how he was “fucking hitting people with the car.”

“Dude, dude, dude, I fuckin’—I drove down Tremont. There was an unmarked state police cruiser they were all fuckin’ gathered around,” the sergeant says while laughing.

“So then I had a fucker keep coming, fucking running,” he seemingly excitedly continues. “I’m fucking hitting people with the car. Did you hear me? I was like, ‘get the fuck—’”

The officer whose body camera was recording the conversation quickly walks away when the sergeant says he hit protesters with is car. He circles back to the sergeant and tells him, “It’s on. This thing is—,” referring to his bodycam.

After hearing the body camera was recording, the sergeant tries to change his story saying, “Oh, no no no. I know. What I’m saying is, though, … I didn’t hit anybody, like, just driving,” he says. “My windows were closed, the shit was coming in.”

Instead of reprimanding the sergeant for admitting to intentionally hitting protesters, the officer seems apologetic that his body camera was on.

“This thing just fucking went on automatically,” he tells the sergeant.

The incident occurred in June during the Black Lives Matter movement spurred by the police killing of George Floyd.

The body camera footage, along with hours of other body camera video featuring Boston police’s response to the protests, was obtained and published by the Appeal on December 18.

Boston Police Commissioner William G. Gross released the following statement regarding this incident and the other videos:

“As soon as these videos were brought to my attention, I immediately ordered my Bureau of Professional Standards to open and conduct a thorough and fair investigation into this matter, and the totality of circumstances involved. I have placed a Sergeant involved in this incident on administrative leave and I will take any additional action as necessary at the conclusion of the investigation. I want to encourage people to bring these matters to our attention so that we can investigate them appropriately.”

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