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Cameron Clarke is One out of only 32 Rhodes Scholarship recipients for 2017

Having always been a high-achiever, being selected to receive a Rhodes Scholarship for 2017, is the highest achievement to date for Cameron Clarke. After graduating from McNair Academic High School in Jersey City, NJ, Cameron is now in his senior year at Howard University. He will be graduating college with a double-major degree in biology and community health.

The Scholarship is awarded to only 32 recipients per year from the United States. For 2017, more than 2,500 students applied for a chance at the prestigious honor. Cameron will now be attending Oxford University in England and majoring in primary health care & public health. He plans on attending medical school to become a primary care physician after graduating from Oxford.

When he was notified that he won the Rhodes Scholarship, Cameron said, “I was a little surprised. It’s been a goal I’ve wanted to achieve.” He is a young man that has always given back to his community by being a certified EMT, working with local schools to promote healthy living, and has taken part in several research publications as a student at Howard University.

The president of Howard University, Wayne Frederick, spoke glowingly of Cameron by saying, “We are extremely proud of Mr. Clarke’s accomplishments. His academic pursuits will lead to solutions in the broader society that are needed ever more so today. Cameron is the epitome of Howard University’s gift of solutions to the world.”

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muur2know April 11, 2017 at 3:41 pm

This is not a thing to recommend for our young to aspire. Please look up cecil rhodes who this scholarship is named after. This man is responsible for the decimation of millions of our people from the motherland. Establishing apartheid, and stripping the land from it’s people. These rhode scholars are trained to be the very dirt bag politicians and financiers who rob the people of their resources and wealth planet wide.


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