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Camille Baker Creates App to Deliver Home-Cooked Meals

At just 24-years-old and a recent graduate of Florida A&M University, Camille Baker is well on her way to being a successful entrepreneur. She has created an app called Pull-Up-A-Seat, which delivers home-cooked meals from specifically chosen network members. Although she graduated Florida A&M with a business degree, she was able to develop the app herself. When asked how this was possible, Camille said “I went to preparatory school. They taught us [computer] languages, but I took it a step further. Being a black girl in an all-white school, I found a lot of the community online, and people who were into hacking and coding.”

Camille says her app is “a private community marketplace that allows anyone to sell home cooking on-demand to any and everyone.” The way the app works is that all those who are chosen to be food preparers are able to charge and keep 100% of their sales, while Camille’s company makes money through in-app ads.

In order to further develop her business, Camille was accepted into a business accelerator called eFactory. The accelerator is guiding her on ways to grow her business model and has supplied her with additional funding. While she was accepted into several other accelerators, Camille chose eFactory because they “offered the most money, with [taking] the least amount of equity.”

When questions about potential liabilities such as less-than hygienic home cooks or someone receiving tainted food came up, Camille said her parents advised her to hire a lawyer and utilize an intense screening process for food preparers or “hosts” as they’re called in the app.

After downloading the app from the App Store, Camille said “when you sign up, you can sign up as a foodie or a host. Hosts go through background checks—someone actually goes to the home and checks it out.” As a host, you’re able to build your portfolio by having the community rate and review your meals, and also showcase previous meals you have made.

The app is currently only available for use in certain areas of Florida but Camille said she’s eager to expand her business model in the near future. She said, “I feel like this is something that everyone around the world can benefit from.”

For more information on Camille’s business, click here.

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