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Chris Goode is helping people become healthier through juicing


After a friend from California introduced Chris Goode to the health benefits of juicing, he wanted to share this knowledge with his community. So a little less than two years ago, he decided to become an entrepreneur and open Ruby Jean’s Juicery. Located in Kansas City, Missouri, the business is named in honor of his deceased grandmother.

His grandmother died at age 61 from complications related to diabetes, kidney disease, and hypertension; so he took this as a wake-up call to live a healthier lifestyle. Although Chris had eaten fairly healthy because of being a college football player, his grandma’s death made him realize he needed a constant healthy diet. The other moment that made Chris realize he had to adopt a lifestyle based around lots of fruits and vegetables was after watching the documentary, ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.’ The film chronicled the weight-loss journey of Joe Cross, who almost died at a young age because of poor health. Joe turned his life around simply by changing his diet, fitness routine, and drinking lots of green juices.

Chris’ foray into juicing began with a 10-day juice cleanse after returning from California. Noticing the way juicing improved his skin, energy level, and the way he felt overall; Chris decided to share this knowledge with the people of his hometown.

Ruby Jean’s Juicery is located above a gym because Chris wanted his business to incorporate a total healthy lifestyle model. Some of the drinks the Juicery creates have names such as: No Crust PB&J, Big Chief, Orange Pillow, and Citrus Detox.


For more information on Ruby Jean’s Juicery, click here.

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