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Civil Rights Activist DeRay Mckesson Files To Run In Baltimore Mayoral Race

Well known civil rights activist DeRay McKesson submitted his paperwork to run in the upcoming Baltimore mayoral race just minutes before Wednesday’s 9 p.m. deadline.

A 30 year old native of Baltimore, McKesson quit his job as a public school administrator to become a “full-time protester.” He’s also known for his work with an organization called Campaign Zero, whose goal is to stop police killings around the country. The group strives to end so-called “broken windows” policing, increase community oversight of police and limit use of excessive force, among other goals. Mckesson has met with many White House officials and presidential candidates in connection with civil rights issues. He has been called a “social media emperor” by former Secretary of State and now presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Mckesson gained widespread attention in the protest movement that began in Ferguson, Missouri. His filing is likely to cause waves in the race for Baltimore mayor. As of now the race includes 13 Democrats, four Republicans, three Green Party members and a Libertarian.

Leading candidates for the position of Baltimore’s mayor include former Mayor Sheila Dixon, State Sen. Catherine E. Pugh, City Councilmen Carl Stokes and Nick J. Mosby, lawyer Elizabeth Embry and businessman David L. Warnock.

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