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Teen Raises $26K on GoFundMe After Parents Cut Her Off Over Black Boyfriend

An 18-year-old college student, Allie Dowdle, from Memphis, Tennessee, has raised almost $26,000 with a GoFundMe campaign because her parents have cut her off financially.

The young woman who will be a college freshman in September 2017, has been cut-off from financial assistance from her parents because she continues to date her boyfriend Michael, who is Black.

The couple has been dating for over a year and when Allie decided to tell her parents about her boyfriend, they immediately told her of their displeasure. Allie said “I showed my parents his picture, and the conversation was over before it even began. My dad did not give me an option: he told me that I was not allowed to see Michael ever again. Why? Strictly because of skin color.”

Her parents told her she “could do so much better,” and forbade her from dating Michael anymore. Against her parents wishes, the couple continued dating and again tried to broach the subject with her parents a second time about a month ago. When Allie raised the issue with her parents a second time, they gave her a much more drastic response.

In her fundraising campaign, she said my parents are “stripping me of all my resources including my personal savings, my car, my phone, and my education and leaving me on my own to pay for college.” Allie started the campaign with the hopes of raising $10,000 to pay for her college expenses which are due on May 1, 2017. But since opening the GoFundMe page on January 11th, she has already raised almost $26,000.


Allie said she’s unable to get a job to pay for her own expenses because of a lack of transportation. She said “all of this because I love another human being, as I was taught to do. How could my love for another person be wrong because of his skin color? And why would that make me unworthy of a future I’ve worked so hard for?”

The reaction to Allie’s fundraising campaign has been mixed with one person commenting, “Sending a white girl from a middle-class family to college is not fighting racism. In fact, expecting to avoid work, student loans, etc. and be treated like a hero for dating a black guy seems pretty racist to me.” But someone else commended her by saying, “Congrats on sticking to your morals and values, and for pursuing college as well! Go get your education, a sick job, and date whomever you want. Best of luck to both of you cuties and thank you for being on the right side of history.”

What are your thoughts on Allie’s GoFundMe campaign to pay for her college expenses?

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A.B.burks May 27, 2019 at 2:09 pm

Both sides are right… The parents have rights. They do not want their daughter to mix race, in which is their right as grandparents. They are investing in their child and this is what they want. Personally, I do not call this racist. Racism is when you literally hate someone because of their race. I prefer to have pure white grandchildren and not mixed grandchildren. That’s their daughter and that’s how they feel. I see nothing wrong with that. On the other hand the daughter has rights as well. She has a right to date whomever she feels. She made the decision to date outside of her race. She has to live with that. Everybody has to make their own decisions. Unfortunately the daughter has decided to go against her family value. In my opinion, if the family was willing to take a risk and “play along” while she enters college, they would have seen and most likely witnessed their daughter eventually date a person of their preference. A lot of kids entering college do the opposite of how they were raised and this is a popular one as well. Dating or messing around outside of race, but at the end of the day the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She will eventually end up with a white girl. Kids emotions and feelings change in college and they grow out of it when it comes to infatuation or puppy love.


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