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Cop Fired After Posting It’s ‘Unfortunate’ That All Black People Weren’t Killed By Coronavirus

A police officer with the Kaplan, Louisiana Police Department was fired after an investigation for allegedly suggesting that it was “unfortunate” that all black people weren’t killed by the coronavirus.

According to officials, Officer Steven Aucoin’s comments were made during a live stream of Gov. John Bel Edwards’ press conference on the state’s response to COVID-19. In the comments of the stream, Aucoin wrote it was “unfortunate” that all black people weren’t killed by the virus.

In response to the comments, the Kaplan Police Department released the following statement on its Facebook page:

“We are writing this to inform everyone that we were made aware of the situation with the comments on Facebook from Steven Aucoin. Chief Hardy had the incident looked into and the officer was terminated. Chief Hardy and the Kaplan Police Department would like to apologize for this matter.”

Aucoin’s comment’s were in response to another user who commented that the coronavirus was “created to kill all the BLACKS.” Aucoin responded with two comments, “Well it didn’t work.” And right after that comment he said, “How unfortunate.”

Kaplan Police Chief Joshua Hardy fired Aucoin following an investigation of the entire thread and stated that this kind of behavior from an officer is not tolerated within the department.

“We’re held to a higher standard than normal civilians, so you got to watch what you do, you got to watch what you say. You can’t just go and post anything you want on social media,” the police chief said.

“There were some comments that were further up that was not suitable for a police officer to put up on Facebook,” Chief Hardy said.

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