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Cop Fired After Stomping Black Man’s Head On Video Gets His Job Back Plus Back Pay

An East Cleveland police officer who was fired after he was caught on camera stomping on a mans head during an arrest is scheduled to return to work this month.

According to Fox 8 I-Team, Nicholas Foti is not only getting his job as a police officer back, he will also receive back pay from the time he was fired. Foti was fired back in March. Officials with the Fraternal Order of Police, who represent Foti, filed an appeal.

The ruling to reinstate Foti as a police officer was issued by attorney Brice B. McIntosh, of Cincinnati and sent to East Cleveland last week.

“Nobody should get their job back, especially after what he has done,” said Councilwoman Juanita Gowdy. “I am devastated.”

“No way, no how that somebody gets handcuffed, dragged out of their car and gets their head stomped on and then the person who does it gets the job back,” Gowdy said. “This is not right. I am shocked.”

The use of excessive force took place April 1, 2020, however city officials became aware of the incident in March of this year after a public records request was made for the video.

Officials said the man who was stomped was stopped for traffic violations. The man’s attorney said his client was injured and has a permanent scar on his head.

East Cleveland Chief Scott Gardner said Foti’s conduct violated the department’s policies. Gardner said internal reviews are also being conducted on the other officers that were present the night of incident to determine if they saw Foti stomp on the man’s head.

Gardner said Foti is set to return to work July 19 and will be assigned to the Automatic Traffic Camera Unit. He said he also referred the case to the FBI and is not certain of the status of their investigation.

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