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Maryland Police Department Investigating Officer Caught On Video Using The N-word

The Montgomery County, Maryland, Department of Police says it is investigating a white female officer after she was recorded on Instagram Live and on her own body camera using the n-word while talking with a group of black men.

The Thursday encounter took place outside of a McDonald’s restaurant in Silver Spring, where, according to Montgomery County police spokesman Capt. Thomas Jordan, four African-American men were originally approached by an officer for loitering and trespassing. Because the officer was outnumbered four to one he called for backup, Jordan told CNN.

Body camera video released by Montgomery County police and the now-viral Instagram Live video, recorded by one of the four men being questioned, show the female officer, who was on the scene as backup, speaking to the men in what seems to be a playful tone.

The man recording the video says, “These n****s came to write a whole bunch of paperwork.”

The female officer responds using the n-word in her conversation with the men. She can be heard saying it in the Instagram Live video, but it is more audible in the body camera recording.

“Hey you wanna get out of here fast, right? So if we have more people y’all n****s been (unintelligible) something. If you want to get out of here faster, we have more of our friends to help you get out of here faster,” the female officer says.

“Racist a** b***h,” the man recording says.

“Nope that’s quote, those were your words,” the female officer says.

“I bet if she didn’t have that badge on, she wouldn’t call us no n****s,” the man responds. In the Instagram video, the female officer is seen waving to the cell phone camera.

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“I would still say it because what I’m doing is repeating your words,” the female officer says.

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Bucmell May 28, 2019 at 7:19 pm

What do you need to examine Many Police across America do not respect people of color anywhere. If you live in the hood, Guilty! If you live in a nice neighborhood, or have a nice car You must be stealing, Guilty – Never the consideration that people are innocent until proven guilty.


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