Cop that killed Keith Lamont Scott is Exonerated

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, Brentley Vinson, who shot and killed Keith Lamont Scott on September 20, 2016, was cleared of all charges on Wednesday, November 30, 2016. During a press conference, the Mecklenburg County District Attorney, Andrew Murray, stated that the shooting was justified and he had reached that conclusion along with 15 other prosecutors.

An autopsy performed by forensic pathologist, Kim Collins, on September 30 ruled Keith Scott’s death a homicide.

The killing lead to two nights of both peaceful protests and violent riots that divided the city of Charlotte.

The DA’s decision to not file charges against Officer Vinson, has once again lead to people taking to the streets to demand justice over the constant killing of Black men by police departments around the country.

Some protesters wore T-shirts with the phrase, “Stop killing black people.” While others held up signs that read, “How to get away with murder: Become a cop.” The crowd of about 100 people chanted, “If we don’t get no justice then you don’t get no peace.”

Keith Lamont Scott was a married father of seven children, who according to his neighbors had suffered a brain injury during an accident. They said he had trouble communicating because of the brain injury and was affected by direct sunlight. That is apparently the reason he was sitting in his car in a shaded part of his apartment complex “reading a book” according to his family.

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