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Cops Caught On Camera Slamming Teen’s Head To The Ground, Charged With Battery and Falsifying Records

Officer Christopher Krickovich of the Broward County Sheriff’s Department has been suspended due to a viral video of him aggressively slamming a teenager’s into the ground during an arrest.

Krickovich the other officer seen in the video (Sergeant Gregory Lacerra) had both initially been put on a restrictive administrative assignment. The Broward State Attorney’s Office announced on Wednesday that both the deputies involved in the incident have been charged with multiple counts of battery, falsifying records as well as attempting to falsify records. The charges placed against the deputies are first-degree misdemeanors that can carry a maximum prison sentence of up to one year

The 15-year-old seen in the video was initially charged with assaulting an officer and resisting another, however, the charges were dropped following an investigation. 

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