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Cops Mistake Man’s Colostomy Bag for a Gun – Taser & Mace Him

Lamar Wright of Euclid, OH. is filing a federal lawsuit filed against the Euclid Police Department for being tased and maced by police who mistook his colostomy bag for a gun. Wright had simply pulled over to safely use his phone and was subsequently attacked, assaulted, and arrested by two Euclid Police Officers.

According to Wright’s civil complaint, two armed men—one black, one white—approached his vehicle, a rented SUV. When he realized they were police officers, Wright says he placed the car in park and held his hands up.

Officer Kyle Flagg’s gun “was raised and pointed toward Wright,” as he stood next to the driver’s door. Officer Vashon Williams stood behind Flagg, his gun also raised. Flagg ordered Wright from the vehicle, but before the unarmed motorist could comply, the cops started forcefully prying Wright from the car.

The body-cam footage was only released because of Wright’s lawsuit being filed.

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