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Did This Joke About Black History Month At The Oscars Go Too Far?

With all the controversy surrounding the Oscars lack of diversity this year (and previous years), Chris Rock hosted the 88th annual Academy Awards show, and many were interested to see how the comedian would approach the issue of #OscarsSoWhite and other racial tensions throughout the nation.

Amongst many of his jokes, there was one in particular that many people on social media seem to have found offensive. Chris jokingly introduced Stacey Dash as the Academy Award’s new director of their “minority outreach program.”

Stacey, who has recently been trending all over social media after voicing her opinion that there shouldn’t be a Black History Month, walked out on stage and said, “I cannot wait to help my people out. Happy Black History Month!”

Many Black people on social media didn’t find this amusing and in fact found it insulting to the idea of Black History month.

The Black actress posted a response on her blog:

She continued:

Which brings me to the joke. When they added ME to increase the diversity, I’m sure many black people rolled their eyes. I’m not “black enough,” they say. But guess what? I’ve heard that all my life. I would rather be a free thinking black, than a cookie cutter black who thinks – and votes – just like all my friends. Yes, I’m the actress from the South Bronx who has always dreamed of winning an Oscar. But God has a great sense of humor and this is my first encounter with one of my dreams of destiny. Bringing diversity to Hollywood… not merely because of color, but politics as well. (After all, different colors of skin is an easy kind of diversity. Ideological diversity is much harder because it forces everyone to come face to face with actual beliefs. Hollywood needs BOTH.)

What do you think? Did this joke go too far or is laughter the best medicine in all situations? Comment below

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Jameer Blackmon February 29, 2016 at 10:40 am

This chic would do anything for a few seconds of attention

wakunda matata May 2, 2019 at 10:52 pm

It’s obvious she didn’t understand that she was intended and was the butt of the humor here.


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