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This Doctor Opened Her Own Emergency Room To Better Help Patients

Dr. Foyekemi IkyaatorDr. Foyekemi Ikyaator is a Nigerian doctor who has opened her own emergency room in Houston, TX. The 31 year-old doctor opened Life Savers Emergency Room with her husband in December of 2015.

Ikyaator previously worked with the St. Luke’s Health System, also located in Houston. However, she decided it was time to create a better system to help patients.

“In the emergency room you can see between 20 and 30 patients within a shift and [there] is just enough time to treat them and get them to their next point of care,” she said of her experience.

Ikyaator says she created Life Savers ER with the goal to take more time with her patients and counsel them regarding the next steps they need to take for their health.
She strives to provide swift and efficient health care services, with less of a focus on paperwork and more focus on patient care.

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