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Donald Trump Says He Has A “New Deal For Black America”

At a presidential rally on Wednesday, Donald Trump laid out his plan to help the Black community – in front of his usual mostly white audience. In his usual snarky demeanor, Trump painted an unrealistic picture of the entire Black community being in dire poverty and himself as the person to fix all the problems. Trump’s plan identified the three most important issues to be fixed in the Black community and they are: safe communities, great education and higher paying jobs. Trump said that in order to fix the problems – he will place more cops on the streets, have “blighted communities” labelled with a “disaster designation,” which will spur them to be rebuilt, and crack down on illegal immigration so that Blacks will not have to compete with foreign immigrants for jobs.

The Trump speech was intended to be his vision of urban renewal and fixing inner city neighborhoods. His vision painted most Black neighborhoods as unsafe and lacking job opportunities. Trump described inner cities as places where “you walk to the store to buy a loaf of bread, maybe with your child, and you get shot, your child gets shot.” He failed to mention the ongoing tension between the Black community and the police departments that are arbitrarily killing unarmed Black people. Trump said the issue is not having too many police on the streets but instead, not having enough police on the streets. He praised the law enforcement community and blamed Hillary Clinton for urging a “war” against the police, which he called “reckless.” Trump has previously insisted that he is in favor of “stop-and-frisk” policing.

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Donald Trump wants to focus on putting an end to illegal immigration as a way of bringing back jobs and economic prosperity to Black communities. Trump proclaimed, “Illegal immigration violates the civil rights of African-Americans. No group has been more economically harmed by decades of illegal immigration than low-income African-American workers.” He went so far as to state that curbing illegal immigration will “restore the civil rights” to the Black community. Trump wants to offer tax holidays and tax incentives to companies who relocate to inner cities. In order to spur economic growth, he will have “blighted communities seek a federal disaster designation … in order to initiate the rebuilding of vital infrastructure, the demolition of abandoned properties and the increased presence of law enforcement.”

Trump said he would push for legislation that would prioritize helping Black businesses “get the credit they need,” and would “encourage small-business creation by allowing social welfare workers to convert poverty assistance into repayable but forgivable micro-loans.”


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Rain February 24, 2019 at 6:43 pm

Dang Donald Trump is a such a comedian! He’s has some serious “stand up” material here.


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