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Facebook’s Diversity Report Reveals Only 3% of Staff is African American

Facebook released its diversity report this Wednesday, stating that they are “encouraged” that women now make up 35 percent of the workforce and hold 19 percent of the technical positions.

This is an increase from last year, when women were 33 percent of the workforce and held 17 percent of the technical jobs. However, minority recruitment is still very low for the social media giant, with African Americans making up only 3 percent of the workforce and Hispanics making up only 5 percent. Even though both figures represent a 1 percent increase from last year, many don’t believe that Facebook is doing enough to increase diversity in its workforce.

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, is one of the many people disappointed with Facebook’s latest numbers.

“Facebook has one of the greatest platforms in the world,” he tells USA Today. ‘The old argument that ‘we can’t find them’ must be discarded. My expectations of Facebook has been higher than this. They’ve done less than their best, and they must do better to assume the leadership which they are capable of.”

Maxine Williams, Facebook’s diversity chief, responded to these numbers by claiming that too few minorities have the education or training for technical positions within the company. Williams also denies claims made by Bloomberg earlier this year, that the problem is with their hiring practices, as qualified candidates are vetoed by senior engineers who are predominantly white males.

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