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Famed Jazz Musician Says Son Was Racially Profiled After Woman Accuses Him of Stealing Her Phone

Prominent jazz musician Keyon Harrold says he and his son were the victims of racial profiling when a white woman and a hotel manager accused his son of stealing her cell phone.

Harrold posted a video of the encounter on his Instagram page on Sunday. The video shows an unidentified woman with a mask on yelling at Harrold and his 14-year-old son, claiming that her phone was stolen by the teen.

Harrold, who was staying at the hotel with is son, says they had just came down from their room to get breakfast when they were accosted by the woman.

In the video, which has over 1.7 million views, Harrold’s son can be heard saying, “This is my phone.”

“Take the case off, that’s mine,” the woman says, while standing behind the hotel’s manage. “Literally give it back.”

During the one-minute long video, the women keeps insisting that Harrold’s son show her his phone. Saying, “he’s not leaving” until they prove that they didn’t steal her phone.

“I am furious!!!” Harrold wrote on the Instgram post. “We see this crap happening all the time, but it hits different when it hits home!!!”

“This incident went on for five more minutes, me protecting my son from this lunatic. She scratched me; she Tackled and grabbed him. He is a child!!!” he went on to say.

In his Instagram post, Harrold said the woman wasn’t a current hotel guest and that she had checked out a few days before the incident, but the hotel’s manager still appeared to try to get Harrold’s son to show the woman his phone.

“Now watch as the manager advocates for the lady who is not even a hotel guest, insisting and attempting to use his managerial authority to force my son to show his phone to this random lady. He actually empowered her!!! He didn’t even consider the fact we were actually the guests!” his post said.

According to Harrold, the woman’s phone was returned by an uber driver.

“Then… her phone was magically returned by an Uber driver a few minutes after this incident. No apology from her after this traumatic situation to my son, not me. No apologies from the establishment,” Harrold said on Instagram.

The Arlo Hotel later posted its statement on Instagram, issuing an apology to Harrold and saying that the incident was “inexcusable.”

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