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Family Demands Answers in Death of 15-Year-OldQuawan Charles

The family of a teenager found dead in Loreauville, Louisanna is demanding answers in his death.

The body of 15-year-old Quawan Charles was found in a field three days after his parents reported him missing.

His family says police told them Quawan drowned but they think there may be more to his death.

Quawan was reported missing to the Baldwin police on Friday, October 30. Family members say he left his home with a 17-year-old friend and the friend’s mother. Quawan’s mother said neither she nor his father gave permission for the woman to take her son anywhere.

Quawan’s mother tried calling him throughout the day but was not able to reach him. When he didn’t return home by that night, she called the police and reported him missing.

The family says police didn’t seem too concerned about the missing teen, saying he was probably at a football game.

The family urged police to issue an Amber Alert, however they never did.

Three days later, on November 3, Quawan was found dead. Police say he was found in a rural area in a field.

“They still have not shown us where Quawan was or what creek he was found at. We can’t even go and put up a cross where he was found at. They’re being very discreet,” Celina Charles, the spokesperson for the family says.

One of the reasons the family suspects there my be more to Quawan’s death is a graphic photo of his face.

“His face is disfigured. So there’s some explaining that needs to be done there. His face is disfigured,” Charles said.

Quawan’s mother also said her son had a bump on his head, which leads her to believe he was hit with something.

“My son has a big knot on his head. So it’s obvious that someone hit him in the head with something,” his mother, Roxanne Nelson, said.

“We have no answers, but were going to get them,” said the family’s attorney, Ron Haley. “They were told things like he’s probably at a football game, probably here there, anywhere else, and we don’t know if those delays could’ve contributed to his death. We know when there is a missing child, the most critical moment is when you first call law enforcement that the child is missing.”

Haley says they are demanding the arrest of any party involved in the death of Quawan. They are also asking for the preliminary findings of the coroner as to the cause of death and answers from the Baldwin Police Department as to why an Amber Alert was never issued for Charles.

The family is currently raising money through a GoFundMe campaign for an independent autopsy.

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