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Family Demands Dashcam Footage Of Police Shooting Of 2 Black Men

Shreveport police said they received a call on Saturday night concerning people firing guns in a residential street.

According to SPD, when Sergeant Michael James arrived on scene, Rodriques Smith, 37, and Ladarren Jackson, 34, pointed their guns at James. The sergeant opened fire.

Smith’s father, James Smith said their family needs to see body and dash cam videos to believe what happened.

“They talk about ambush,” he said. “I don’t see how that’s possible to be ambush and the shooters get shot first, and the other gentleman with him, he was running away. He got shot in the rear end.”

Smith’s wife, Camika Williams said she had to jump through hoops to see her husband and today was the first time she’s been able to visit.

His family says smith was shot in the face, the chest and the thigh. He is now blind in his right eye.

They add, Smith is on a ventilator and doctors don’t know if he’ll live creating more concern over whether the shooting was justified.

The two suspects shot by a Shreveport Police officer on Saturday are still at University Health.

“We need answers,” James Smith said. “We haven’t gotten any answers.”

“Why is it that when other people commit crimes… commit this madness… they can be apprehended without incident and when it’s a black man, it’s always shoot to kill?” Community activist and family friend Lester Smith said.

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